Ohya Area

Underneath your feet on the ground “the unknown underground spaces” are dotted for the spread of 2 km (1.2miles) north and south and 1 km (0.6miles) east and west.

Mysterious ocean-blue sun rays the sun pours forth from above the top of the shaft which could only be seen in mid summer, the perfect darkness in the underground deeper than 30m (98 ft), and a huge underground pond spreading out about 2,000 m2: these are the fascinating strange sights you can find in Ohya area in Utsunomiya city in Tochigi Prefecture.This area is known as the tempting filming spot for movies, TV dramas and music videos.
Most of the attractive sights in this area belong to the private property and are not usually allowed to enter: only OHYA UNDERGROUND project can serve you the program of new superb experiences.

The History of Ohya Quarry


Special Experiences in the Outstanding Landscape at OHYA UNDERGROUND
Here is what you have never seen: the unique superb view created by nature and human.
Not only an exciting tour but truly special experiences are waiting for you.
We are looking forward to hearing your inquiry.


What Is Our LLP Chiikikachi (Regional Value) Project?

We will make the most of our natural and human resources we have HERE NOW in Ohya,
work in close cooperation with the regional community, make new jobs, and create and suggest new life styles.

LLP (Limited Liability Project Association) is the cooperative business organization made for the purpose of Ohya resource project. Four of us who love our native place started the project in the full conviction that the abandoned quarry site will be the potential resources of Ohya area and established LLP in March in 2013, wishing that the value of the area and community will be elevated by making full use of its resources.
The four enterprises made two-year careful preparations to make sure of the safety of the visitors, made monitor tours with the total number of 100-150 participants who helped us improve our plans, searched for more possible plans in cooperation with the community.
Now LLP Regional Value Plan starts and we send an unknown charm of Ohya area to you all, and wish to create and develop life fertile of schemes and pleasure for both the visitors and the community.
  • Yuzuru Matsumoto the President of Farmer’s Forest Inc.
    Type of business: Local trading business and tours with meeting on the spot As an owner of “ENISHI (Good Relationship) Travel”, “MichinoEki Romantic Mura (Romantic Village)” and shops for introducing local products which he values and the restaurants in which he utilizes local agricultural products, and thus manages his business to aim at the development of local areas.
  • Taisei Shioda the President of Virus Studio Inc.
    Type of business: Planning and designing of buildings and real estate agency He activated the Momiji Street which most of the shops and restaurants had been closed for a long time. He also takes part in shared houses as a pioneer in Tochigi and join in the development of co-working offices.
  • Takahiro Masubuchi the President of M・R・P NAOC Inc.
    Type of business: Planning and management of outdoor leisure activities and educational He makes plans and manages outdoor acivities mainly in Nikko, Kinugawa and Utsunomiya in Tochigi. Tochigi where we have rich natural environment. He also runs “NAOC Aozora (Blue Sky) Kids” for children’s Outdoor Education Project.
  • Takeshi Sakauchi the President of Nature Planet Inc.
    Type of business: Outdoor leisure activities, educational programs, outdoor tour and exchange programs utilizing natural resources He is activating areas through tourism in Nikko, Nasu, and Kawaji: reception of university students in internship and volunteers in a concrete plan.

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